Transform Your Dog's Behavior with Anya Dog Trainer

4Fs training-Friendly, Fun, Force Free


Welcome to Anya Dog Trainer, where we believe that everybody can benefit from dog training. Whether you are a first-time dog owner or an experienced one, we are here to help you build a strong bond with your furry friends.

I specialize in dog training any breed, any size, any problem. My one-to-one approach ensures personalized attention to address specific issues and achieve lasting results. 

What sets my dog training apart from competitors is my passion. My training is force free, based on positive reinforcement, friendly and individual approach. From leash training to behaviour modification. Obediance trainning while creating strong relationship with your dog. Reactivity and aggression, specific problem or just basic cues.


Transform Your Dog's Behaviour with Anya Dog Trainer

Puppy Training and Puppy Day Care

Shape your pup into a well-behaved companion through positive reinforcement techniques tailored to their needs. 

Puppy Day Care and Boarding Service- £55/per day

£70/per hour

Obedience Training

Teach your dog essential commands like sit, stay, wait and come, and foster a strong bond built on trust and understanding. Improve focus and attention for your fury friend.

£70/per hour

Behavior Modification

Address and correct behavioral issues such as aggression, anxiety, and excessive barking, for a happier and calmer pet.

£75/per hour

Dog Walking and Training

I understand that life can get busy and you may not always have enough time to give your furry friend the exercise and training they need. That's why I offer my services to everybody who wants to enjoy some time off from walking their dog. I will not only walk your dog but also provide expert training, ensuring that your beloved pet is happy, healthy, and well-behaved. Let me take care of your dog's needs while you sit back and relax.

£65/per hour

Leash Training

Enjoy stress-free walks by teaching your dog to walk politely on a leash, eliminating pulling and reactive behavior. Improve recall and foucus on walks.

£70/per hour

Package Deal

Three hours of your choice from options above.

£160/3 hours



“Anya is lovely very friendly, she was very professional and great with my dog Timmy. I'm very happy with Timmy's progress and he loved her from day one"


- Reviewers company

Very friendly&structured

"Anya was very friendly, structured and knowledgeable. we gave her the big challenge of training and older dog and she did fantastic job"


- Reviewers company


“The training session was amazing! I see difference with my dog's behaviour already. I learn how to manage his behaviour and read his body language. Highly recommended"


 Reviewers company

Why work with me

Why Choose Anya Dog Trainer


I put dogs welfare first, force and painless free training. 

Personal Attention

Individualized training plans tailored to your dog's unique needs. I work closely with you and your dog to achieve the best results.

Proven Results

See the transformation in your dog's behavior.

Accreditations & Gurantees

Trusted Dog Training: Expertise and Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a professional dog trainer with years of experience, I am dedicated to delivering the highest quality dog training services. With industry accreditations, certifications, and a satisfaction guarantee, you can trust that your furry friend is in capable hands. I am proud to hold the following titles and guarantees:

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, ensuring that I possess the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively train your dog and achieve positive results.

Reactivity Specialist

As a Canine Behavior and Training Specialist, I stay up to date with the latest techniques and methodologies to address various behavior issues and provide comprehensive training solutions.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because my ultimate goal is to see happy dogs and satisfied owners. If you're not completely satisfied with the training results, I will work with you to make it right.


Call Me Today for Personalized Assistance

I am here to answer all your questions and provide you with dedicated support for your needs.

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